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A question for the ages: why do all Georgian mini-marts carry a minimum of six different brands of tomato paste, but you have to go to the international supermarkets to get actual tinned tomatoes? Although, now that I think about it, this is no doubt down to the fact that I could have bought actual fresh tomatoes instead. Lateral thinking is not my strong point.

Back from a gorgeous long weekend rafting in Racha, which is full of beautiful, rolling, densely-forested hills with low clouds and the occasional patch cleared for some grape vines, and pigs sleeping peacefully at bus stops. Owing to some unseasonable rain, the rapids were rather more interesting than I think had been anticipated, but we ended up with the same number of people we started out with which I understand is the general goal of these kinds of expeditions, and those of us that fell out of the boat got pulled back in pretty promptly, and there was plenty of wine and vodka (although not in the boat itself), so a good time was had by all. Plus I reacquainted myself with one of my favourite sound in the world (raindrops on the rood of your tent) and one of my least favourite sensations in the world (the growing dampness around your toes as said raindrops permeate smoothly through the not-wholly-waterproof walls of your tent).

Now I come back from 72 internet-free hours to the less-than-surprising news of an England batting collapse (good to see the natural order of things reasserting itself) and the to me, anyway, thoroughly surprising new of a new Doctor. I am of the camp which would rather not see a female Doctor while Moffat is in charge, and while I would have liked to see and actor of colur for a change, I do think Capaldi is an excellent choicek: he's a superb actor, and his age should mix up the Doctor-companion vibe a bit (I bloody well hope, anyway). My main concern is less with him than with Clara, who I've never really got a handle on. Last season she was a Sassy Plot Device whose sole purpose was to save the Doctor; it would be nice to get a tad more characterisation this year.


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