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Lovely weekend in Norwich with my Cam housemates celebrating Burns Night on Friday (the sound of six people of a wide variety of non-Scottish backgrounds each attempting a verse of "Ode to a Haggis" will stay with me for a while; we had vegetarian haggis and very nice it was too) and Christmas dinner 2.0 on Saturday with an outrageously good nut roast, which I didn't think was possible. It was festively snowy on Saturday with enough for a snowman; by Sunday the rain overnight had cleared it all away and East Anglia was looking practically spring-like from the train home. I have also discovered that I might actually like whisky, which if true would give me a whole new interest in life . Our in-house whisky connoisseur produced a bottle of Talisker and one of Laphroaig, neither of which meant anything to me but both of which were orders of magnitude more interesting than the terrible stuff I used to drink at uni. The peatiness gives it a certain kumis-like quality which given my love-hate relationship with the stuff is not altogether a bad thing. Must experiment further.

Something I've seen in several places on my flist: A month of letters. The idea is that every posting day during February you mail something: a postcard, letter, newspaper clipping, whatever. I think it's a lovely idea and any other time I would be entirely up for it as I love letter-writing, but Feb is looking insanely busy for me at the moment so I'm not sure whether I'd be able to keep it up. Might give it a shot anyway.

Alarming (yet also pretty awesome) weather picture of the day: sea snow at Alexandra Headland in Australia (which turns out to be just down the road from where my great aunt lives, go figure). What with the recent heat waves  (new colours on the maps!) and the flooding in Brisbane, poor old Australia is really taking a pounding at the moment.


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