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Most of the time I consider myself a reasonably functional adult, but every so often a staggering display of personal ineptitude makes me wonder whether I should be allowed out of the house on my own, let alone given a passport. Witness this afternoon, when a) I mangled my finger in the blender out of sheer carelessness, because I was too engrossed in an episode of Serial (which is gripping by the way; highly recommended to anyone who enjoys true crime and/or excellent journalism) to notice I hadn't unplugged it; whereupon, having washed and dressed the remains of my fingertip, I b), did my Russian homework, watched Doctor Who, ordered a pizza, consumed said pizza and generally pottered about for the next five hours, resolutely ignoring the blood merrily soaking through the bandages in the quite obviously delusional hope that it would just stop on its own because no one goes to the doctor with a cut finger, right?

Fortunately for my future manual dexterity, a friend turned up and politely pointed out that when sensible people start dripping blood on the floor they do something called "seeking medical attention" and pushed me out of the door in the direction of the nearest clinic. So now I have two stitches, a telling-off from the doctor, a fistful of antibiotics, and sense of mild concern at my apparently total failure at self-care. Project Proper Grownup is clearly some way off completion.


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